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Red Kuri plug plant Red Kuri plug plantRef: P/WSQ013

Orange-scarlet fruits, tear dropped shaped, Hubbard type. 4-7lb (2-3kg). Stores well.

(Please note: plantlets should be ordered in multiples of 6. See banner at top of page for further information)

How to grow

Pot the plantlets on into 9cm (3½”) pots without removing the netting. The seed leaves (the bottom two) will naturally yellow, wither and drop off shortly. Keep the plants in a warm place. Plant outside 3’ 3” (1m) apart after last frost. Cut stems 1” (2.5cm) from the fruit when stem is dying. Leave to cure in sunshine for 5-7 days. Store in a cool dry place.

1.85 (5 or fewer) 1.65 (6 or more)


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