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Delivery and Postage Charges

Seeds and Sundries
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery but at exceptionally busy time (January-March) it can take a little longer. However, if we are temporarily out of stock of an item we may hold your order until it is complete.

We very rarely have to substitute and when we do it is with something very similar to that ordered. If you do not wish to take substitutes please tick the relevant box in the checkout area and we will refund you if needed..

Plug Plants
Plug plants are sent out in packs of 6. You can order 6 of one variety, e.g. 6 x Sungold tomatoes or a mixture from any section, e.g. 1 tomato, 1 courgette, 1 chilli, 1 melon, 1aubergine, 1 cucumber or 3 tomatoes and 3 chillies. You may order as many packs of 6 as you like!

Seeds are sown continuosly throughout the season and the plants are sent once their true leaves have formed. Size will vary according to age and variety. Plants may look small on arrival but will rapidly grow once potted on. They are packed in recyclable plastic containers and very clearly marked.

Plant Delivery Times
There are two delivery periods: mid-March to mid-April and mid-April to mid-May. If you would like your order early please order early as we need time to get the plants ready. Orders received at close of deadline are sent last!

Please note that we have been able to extend the deadline for the later delivery period.

For delivery mid-March to mid-April - order by February 15th
(Please do not request early delivery after February 15th as this confuses the system)

For delivery mid-April to mid-May - order by April 15th

Plants ordered after the final deadline will be sent if available but we may have to substitute so please do not ask for 'no substitutes' if you order late.

If you are going away please let us know and we will avoid sending plants at that time.

In many areas postmen are not allowed to leave packages in 'safe' places but will leave them with a neighbour. We do email when the plants are sent out so you get a day's warning and can get ready.

If your plants have not arrived by mid-May please let us know in case they have been lost in the post or wound up uncollected at the sorting office. If you let us know soon enough we can replace them.


This rarely happens but if necessary this is how it works.
Mixed plants: We substitute the nearest or double up one of your existing order. It is impractical for customers to request 'no substitutes' for these.
6 plants same variety: If you are not prepared to accept substitutes please tick the relevant box in the checkout area and we will refund you.

There is a £1.80 admin (handling) charge per order. outside

As postage prices have gone up enormously in recent years we have now made an additional postage charge for plug plants rather than increasing the price for them. This is in addition to the standard £1.70 admin charge.

up to 3 packs (18 plants) - an extra £3.00
up to 8 packs (48 plants) - an extra £5.00
up to 12 packs (72 plants) - an extra £6.20
Up to 16 packs (96 plants) an extra £7.80

As these are bulky and heavy P&P is not included in the price and there is an extra charge which will be added at the checkout.