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Welcome to Simpson's Seeds

!If you would like to collect seeds please let us know in advance and we will get them ready. Our shop is too small to allow for social distancing.


Welcome to our website. We hope you will find it easy to navigate and like our selection of vegetables and flowers.

We are a small company, based in West Wiltshire, specialising in seeds and plantlets for the Kitchen Garden. We have a huge range of chilli and tomato seeds and many of these can also be ordered as plug plants which are sent out in spring.

Please note that the website is set up for sending seeds to the UK and Europe only as we are not allowed to send seeds to many countries outside Europe. As we have had problems sending plants abroad in the past we now only send plants to addresses in the UK.

Our philosophy has always been to grow and try out as much of our range as possible, although there are some varieties that have made our range as a result of recommendations. Flavour is our number one priority.
Bumper harvest
In September we usually host our Tomato and Chilli Tasting morning when you can taste many of the varieties in the catalogue as well as our trial varieties, We regret that it is now highly unlikely we will be holding it this September because 'social distancing' will not be possible.

Our best wishes for a good growing season.

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