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Garlic - Heads

Online Catalogue | Vegetable Seeds |  Garlic - Heads

Our garlic comes from France. With the uncertainty of Brexit we do not know if the outcome will make it difficult/imposible/very expensive to bring it in. And it may even be that our supplier, who actually imports it, will decide against it after all this confusion.

If we do have it for this autumn please contact us nearer the time and we can add it to your existing order so you do not pay an extra handling charge. If you don't have an existing order you can either phone us or order it on the websitel.
Our garlic is sent out in autumn. It should be planted in time for the roots to develop before the really cold weather. It then needs at least a month with the soil temperature below 10ºC. Cultural details are sent with the garlic.

Long Dormancy garlic will store from lifting until the following spring. Short Dormancy will only store for about four months. Sprint is ready several weeks before the others.

Arno and Christo are soft-necked. Harvested heads can be strung or plaited. Sprint will naturally flower and develop stiff stems which should be cut at 4-5" (10-12cm)

Online Catalogue | Vegetable Seeds |  Garlic - Heads

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